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City Photos Icon Challenge

the world in an icon...

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Hello there! Thanks for stopping by, if you're a new member, feel free to join or just watch the community since you don't have to be a member to enter. Read through the rules below and if you have any questions, just comment on any posts that i (melisah) have made. :) Have a look at some of the latest challenges to learn how the challenges work. Remember, there are 2 parts to every challenge, and everyone is welcome to enter either or both of them! Have fun, and i hope you enjoy participating in the challenges!

MOD: aurelia ; BANNER MAKERS: aurelia, xtess & miignonette.


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New challenge: Sunday
Voting: Friday
Results: Sunday

Layout © therailway.
1. You may submit up to 3 icons per challenge, but please check the challenge post in case i've said something else.
2. Submit your entries to the challenge post.
3. Please submit your icon in img src and url form (make sure your host allows direct linking, like Photobucket)
4. Do NOT share your icons with anyone until the challenge has ended and results have been posted!
5. If you have entered icons, please try and vote, it's only fair.
6. Do NOT tell anyone which icon is yours, and don't ask anyone to vote for your icons!
7. Do NOT vote for yourself!
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